Included as a benefit with your Arcis Players’ Club and Arcis Players’ Prime Membership is the ability to attend our game improvement programs.  The instructional programs are designed to help you play better and lower your scores.  Sessions include the use of the newest game improvement technology, on course instruction as well as “mini lessons” to get you ready for your weekend game.
  See below for clinic information and online scheduling. 

Supervised Practice Sessions
Wednesday 6pm to 7pm
12 Students per sesssion

Our supervised practice sessions are available to Arcis Players’ Members from 5pm to 6pm Mondays and Wednesdays.  These sessions last from 5 to 10 minutes and are instructors are there to help you with specific swing faults, drill work or to help you make your practice time as productive as possible by making sure you are working on the right things.  These sessions are limited to 10 members.

ONLINE SIGN UP for supervised practice sessions

Working for the Weekend
Coming Soon
6 Students per sesssion

Big game this weekend?  Our Working for the Weekend sessions are designed to give you that final tune up before you take on your buddies over the weekend.  These mini lessons are designed to give you the advantage of your competitors by helping you focus on creating a repeatable swing and routine that will take your game from the practice tee to the first tee.  Become the player who takes home the skins pot week  after week.

Teaching with Technology - Arcis Players' Prime Members Only
Coming Soon
9 Students per session

Please note that our Teaching with Technology sessions are for Arcis Players’ Prime Members only.  Are you looking to boost your game with a little help from the latest teaching technology?  If so, sign up for one of our Teaching with Technology sessions today and you will begin to see your swing in a whole new way.  Using the latest technology our professional staff will help you understand your “smash factor”, “spin rate”, “launch angle”, “ball speed” and many other metrics to make sure you are getting the most out of both your swing and your equipment.  Technology is a wonderful tool to quickly improve, schedule your session today!

Prime Playing Lesson - Arcis Players' Prime Members Only
Coming Soon
5 Students per session

Question – “What is the longest 100 yards in golf?” 
Answer – “The distance between the practice tee and the first tee.” 

Do you struggle taking your game from the driving range to the golf course?  It’s not uncommon.  Many players show a smooth, buttery swing while practicing only to step up to the tee and promptly hit a 100 yard slice out of bounds.  These practice session are designed to help you transfer your “range game” to the golf course with a focus on golf course management and pre shot routine techniques.